, who we are?

A unique and fun website dedicated to hosting Free Giveaways of Popular Gadgets & Electronics without the hassle of signing up for accounts or sponsor offers!


Where did the idea originate?

Way back in the year 2006, a couple guys were sitting around talking about how frustrating those sites are that make you sign up for a billion offers and sell your friends names, before you can get great electronics! 

Two years later, one of those guys went to work creating this unique website. Saying these exact words, "there are other sites like this one, but in order to get the prize you have to jump through hoops. There has got to be an easier, better way to offer prizes!" With that said, was made available to you, on July 1, 2008 Enjoy!


Promotions, what we do...
We host monthly sweepstakes giveaways and offer sweepstakes tickets to be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Our sweepstakes tickets are given away for free and can be used to attract new customers, raise customer awareness, generate sales and create brand loyalty. Get all the benefits of a sweepstakes giveaway without the hassle and costs of running one, sign up for an account now to get started.


For more details on how works, please see our FAQ section.


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